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Deep Dread

Trouble stirs in Neverwinter as the player characters are summoned to assist in a precarious escort mission, of a notorious criminal known as the Mangler. The prisoner is among the most wanted for vile crimes in numerous cities and states, yet Neverwinter is not one of them. Lord Neverember’s right hand will enlist the heroes to escort the Mangler to a secret location in the Trackless Sea, known only to a select few exceptional individuals. One of those people is Captain Morgrim Grimbellow, a dwarf honest-to-Gods sailor who has travelled the seas for over a century with a love for ale, and song. The heroes will travel with the captain and his motley crew aboard the Merrow across the perilous Trackless Sea. After defending the Merrow from danger during the voyage, they will learn of the Riddle of the Song, Glitter’s Gold. Upon arrival on Gurdarlun, a dangerous, frozen location that apart from the brave Gunds is also inhabited by a loathsome morkoth, their plans to deliver the prisoner to the secret prison for the criminally insane will be roughly overturned, as things are not what they seem at the prison. Should the player characters survive the ordeal with assistance from the unlikeliest of allies, they will discover the power they hold in knowing the secret of the song Glitter’s Gold and the truth of the legends about the island. Their plans overturned and caught between a rock and a hard place, the heroes will have to decide which is the lesser evil and who to side with.Nothing is as it first seems, in a gripping adventure woven around a song that is a tribute to the Forgotten Realms! May the Riddle of the Song lead your adventurers into riches and glory, and rum!

Revenge of the Inadequate Wizard

In the once peaceful town of Xorhun, gruesome murders have disturbed the tranquility of its inhabitants. The town’s Council bids heroes assist with the investigation, without being aware of the sinister dealings of some of its own people. The adventures will have to complete a crime scene investigation within the city, to eventually begin discovering clues that will lead them to the nearby Orsraun Mts, only to discover that the situation is a lot more complicated than initially expected. They will have to find out the truth of the disagreement between the members of a hidden temple of the Earthlord Grumbar, and a bitter, estranged wizard and his malevolent experiments. It will be up to the heroes to decide what happens next, be it resolving the situation with diplomacy, or with blood.

Verses Magicae

Are you tired of always saying ‘I utter some mystical words’ while describing your character’s spellcasting? You can now bring your descriptions to life with 450+ magical rhymes found within the pages of VERSES MAGICAE! Every single official spell for 5e D&D requiring a verbal component now has its very own magical incantation, with variations according to every different spell effect there is!Moreover, discover ways and magical items to incorporate spellcasting that requires a verbal component for non-speaking characters. Dressed with the beautiful black&white illustrations of Em. Tragakis, these words of power can be used to bring magic into your VTT or live games of the greatest game in the world!This book is filled with a multitude magical rhyming incantations to bring your roleplaying to another level. When you cast a spell, instead of just saying the name of the spell and ‘’I utter some mystical words’’, those mystical words are now yours to command! Your spells’ incantations made audible, now your words can carry the power to truly bring your spellcasting descriptions to life. You may also use them for secret communication of your spellcasting with your teammates or your DM, or use them for the beautifully sculpted lyrics placed into the magical context of 5E D&D official spells, or just use them because it’s pure fun!Also, available for Fantasy Grounds

The forgotten temple

In the fortified city of Port Nyanzaru the situation grows volatile. Reports of mysterious strangers from unknown lands, that are trespassing forbidden holy grounds far within the jungle, have caused great turmoil in the city’s foreign relations with the local tribes. The players must travel through the deadly jungles of Chult towards the ruins of ancient Mezro, and confront an ancient religious sect of gruesome practices, charged with keeping imprisoned the right-hand servant of a Primordial evil- Dendar the Night Serpent. Will the ancient evil be unleashed once more in the world, or will the heroes be victorious? The fate of the world lies on their hands.
Also, available for Fantasy Grounds.

Druid's Lament

The citizens of Battledale seek aid against marauding bandits, while the neighboring forest looms menacingly over their homesteads. The adventurers stumble upon a much darker foe, while trying to help the peaceful community hunt down the brigands. A misguided druid, who’s on the verge of insanity, wields an artifact, born of sorrow and hate, that could change the world. An evil that might alter the face of Faerun, if left unchecked. Will the heroes be able to vanquish the otherworldly threat once and for all?The players must traverse into one of the most deadly forests of the Forgotten Realms, called the Tangled Trees. Should they survive long enough, they will enlist the help of a magical denizen of the forest, who will aid them to find the bandits, but also in stopping the tainted druid and her abominations.
Also, available for Fantasy Grounds.


The psychomancer is a wizard adept in the manipulation of the psyche, or as it commonly known – the soul, be it for good or ill. It all depends upon the caster’s heart and grit, as well as their general tendencies and view of the world. Not many practitioners have lived to tell the tale, but those few of them that have, speak of a hard and gruesome path which eventually may lead even to Godhood.These arcane investigators, prowl the world for bits and pieces of hidden lore, so ancient and forgotten, that the penalty of death by disintegration for using such practices does not impede them. Instead they travel the world in secret, posing as wizards of the known schools or becoming adventurers in search of magic and resources.Some seek them out to gain knowledge, others to gain from them or bargain for things psychomancers crave, like research resources. Most often than not, such beings are malevolent and dangerous. Demons from the Abyss and Devils in the Nine Hells are the worst that psychomancers have to deal with, which in many cases does not impede them in the least.Also, available for Fantasy Grounds.

waxing moon

Somewhere in the region of Thesk, at the small village of Amaranth, a despicable night hag has taken residence in the farmstead of a native family. There, she devised a malicious magical disease called Lungsprout and intends to infect the unsuspecting villagers with it, using her deceptively aromatic candles. As if that wasn’t enough, she has created a powerful servant, a cross between a golem and a homunculus. She aims to slowly but steadily wipe out the entire village, and use the villagers as fuel for her hideous experiments.The players will have to rush against time and investigate the village, finding clues that will eventually lead them to the night hag herself. Will they be able to save the villagers and destroy the hag and her abominable creations?Also, available for Fantasy Grounds.

something dark stirs

A dark and grievous peril has befallen the peaceful free-village of Peppermint as the forces of undeath raised by Senerith Wildblossom, ravage the land. An eon ago he was a proud elven healer of great renown in Duskwood Dell, that has been reduced to a mere husk of his former self, becoming a manifestation of pure evil, intent on wreaking havoc and mayhem to all the living – a Zombie Lord.The players are called to assist Peppermint village and investigate the nearby woodcutting hamlet of Snakewood. The hamlet has been destroyed by the despicable zombie lord, and his forces are now underway to attacking Peppermint too! The players will have to travel to Snakewood hamlet as well as what used to be Duskwood Dell, and then make a mad rush against time while also carrying an injured Halfling, to warn and defend the unsuspecting villagers.Also, available for Fantasy Grounds.

In league with devils

This adventure is a supplementary scenario for Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus, which can be used while the party is fleeing Elturel and are heading towards Fort Knucklebone at level six. It entails a bargain with Bagrivyek, the goblin deity of cooperation. The God offers them a deal they can’t refuse, significant magical assistance for their quest, should they become its test subjects in a fight to the death with some of its elite troops. Devils that have been infected with a special substance, which is called soul-ichor and was created by a psychomancer, in search of his own power. The heroes will have a chance to interact with a god and bargain with it, a fight to the death at the Hellbent Fighting Pits, and also get a chance to learn of or even be introduced into a long-forgotten school of magic. Will the players reap all the benefits of this god-deal, or suffer the consequences of failing?
Also, available for Fantasy Grounds.

Way of the Druid

The most obscure and mystical of character classes – The Druid - has been gifted with many more game options for the ones who treasure, defend and nurture Nature.Within its pages you will find:The hierarchy and ranks within a Druid Circle explained and detailed.
Five new Druid Circles that will enrich your experience.
Three Druidic Factions, some better known than others.
Nine new Spells to aid in your Way.
No less than forty-eight Herbs and twenty Herbalism Recipes for the Herbalism skill.
Three character backgrounds not restricted to, but highly synergetic with the Druid class.
Armor and weapons from natural or unconventional materials, and new crafting options.
Three legendary Druidic artifacts of immense power.
Also, available for Fantasy Grounds.

Saltwater Mystery

On the shores of the Sea of Fallen Stars, in a small and xenophobic coastal town, there is a mystery that must be unraveled. People have started disappearing during the past months, as a direct result of the criminal activities going on in town, under cloak and dagger. The players must examine clues, talk with witnesses, and investigate further, to help the people of Saltwater restore peace and order. The smuggling mastermind and his lackeys, including a vicious shapeshifter, will stop at nothing to stop the players from achieving their objective.This is a starting adventure for players and DM’s alike, which may also be used as a starting point of your campaign and easily adapted to any small coastal town in your game world. It involves a great deal of roleplaying and some degree of battle, depending on the player’s decisions. A cloak and dagger investigative adventure, for nerves hard as steel and fists tough as nails.Kindly be advised that this issue contains hard themes that may involve: racial discrimination, murder, children's neglect/death, extortion, prostitution, gambling.
Also, available for Fantasy Grounds!

The Jabberwock

One of the most challenging monsters in D&D history is being reborn into 5th Edition! In the deep virgin forests of the Forgotten Realms, lies the Jabberwock! Woe to those who come across it ill-prepared...Also, available for Fantasy Grounds!


Ao the Overgod, the Hidden, slumbers – and the worlds are turned asunder. In its dream of forgetfulness, parts of the planes begin to fade away into nothingness, wiped from the memory of their creator. People, structures, creatures, and sometimes whole parts of land or water are forever gone. Ao’s Slumber is an event that has been re-occurring every few years after the Spellplague, as a means to an end – for creatures of all the worlds to prove that they are worth being remembered.Within the Goddream, the players will have to travel to the Overgod’s Body, Mind, and Soul demi-planes respectively, and find a way to awaken it from its slumber. Should they succeed in their endeavors, Ao will be awakened and a new timeline will be created, as it has been done time and time again. Will the heroes manage to save all of creation from falling into oblivion?Also, available for Fantasy Grounds!

The Shopkeeper

The origins of the Shopkeeper are lost in time and legend. It is said that the Shopkeeper will appear when necessary and provide items, commodities and information, for a price, even if you are in the most inhospitable place in the world. Deep within an ice-covered cavern, or in an arid desert, or in the heart of a volcano, or even under the sea, adventurers in need of the Shopkeeper’s special services, report having witnessed the appearance of its dimension-travelling establishment in the most unlikely of locations. Those that meet with the Shopkeeper, speak of fair trade, intelligence, and wisdom, as well as the presence of several unique magical items… The Shopkeeper is a new DM mechanic in the form of a recurring NPC, that aims to solve the ever-present problem of trading availability for the Player Characters. The DM will decide, when, where, and in what context the Shopkeeper appears, nudging the players forward and relieving them of their gold in exchange for goods and services.Also, available for Fantasy Grounds!